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Cactus Window Cleaning, LLC. 

"Clean Attractive Windows Project a Positive Image of You"

Clean windows say a lot about you and your business or residence.  Our commercial and residential window washing services will immediately transform your drab, unattractive business or residence into a clean, fresh appearance environment that will instantly convey a positive image of your business or residence.

Our Unique Window Cleaning Process

Cactus window Cleaning, LLC provides top quality service at very affordable prices.  Prior to starting a job we will provide you with a written estimate.  We will carefully remove your window screens and then wash them all by hand with soap and water, brush around the window frame to remove any dust or debris, after that using a soft cotton window brush we apply a specially formulated professional window cleaning solution to your glass that will help eliminate any streaks or smudges.  When entering your home we always wear shoe covers and use drop towels, we vacuum out the tracks to remove any dust or debris, after a thorough inspection of your glass seals and frames we carefully replace any furniture that was moved.

All style residential and commercial windows professionally cleaned inside and out.

Picture Window
One Pane Window.

Window Style Number 2
Five Pane Window.

Double Hung Windows
Four Pane Window.
  Window Style 7       Window Style 8Specialty Windows      Specialty Windows
Variety of One Pane Windows.

  Bay Windows
Five Pane Window.

We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards.

    Call 602-243-0094 for free estimate. 
Cactus Window Cleanning Specials  
  • First 15-6x6 window panes or smaller only $55.00 (Inside and out screens and tracks included.)

  • 20% off referral Bonus.

  • 10% off repeat customers.

  • 10% off our monthly window cleaning service. (Monthly window cleaning service is performed at the same time each month, 12 times per year.)

  • Seven-day rain check excluding monsoon season.

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